We propose ...


Take part in the discovery of the unbearable wealth of geology, fauna, botany and even history in this small geological region of Belgium.
A shower in the company of our nature guide bilingual FR/NL and certified by the E.P.S.C.F.
Information here from the direction.... HAN ROUTE !
Durée: environment 2 hours to 2 hours 30 free for children


Fishes :

The museum of the Abbaye de la Leffe with watering holes and gift : address : charreaux des Capucins,23. 5500 Dinant https://leffe.com/fr/maison-leffe
003282229191 et la ville de Dinant, balade and bateau... at 40 minutes

The draisnes de la Molignée, rue de la Molignée,116. 5537 Falaën : all return on an old route de chemin de fer en pédalant, plaisir assuré.
003282699079 www.molignee.be/draisne.htm and then the visit of the Abbaye de Maredsous ...
at 45 minutes

Notre Dame de Haurt Lieu de périnage : tourisme.tellin.be/doc-tourisme/chapelle-nd-bure.pdf à 10 minutes
You quit the inn at the base of the village, turn right to the ferry and then left, direction Tellin.
On the way out of the main road, continue all the way to the right, after 750 m it is Chapelle Notre Dame de Haurt. It is a line right railway with a panoramic view of the Ardennes and all the chapels that refer to religion, rather than, in fact, the chapelle is located on the road.
At the chapelle you can continue the 300-metre-higher sentier, the vignettes! We are on a solar calculator, where the scale and 300-metre more bass on your left, an old career or the time is agricultural and in September we find 'gentians'...
There are many promenades to come.

Fourneau Saint Michel 35 minutes: https://wallux.com/alpele-saint-hubert.be
Domaine splendide de l'Habitat wallon, to visit also the farm museum and the bar, small restaurant Al pèle, table atypique vaut de détour ...
https://wallux.com/alpele-saint-hubert They are proud and present a landscape lieu, to VISITER

Bastogne War Museum Museum - welcome: minutes of trajets, memorable visits of the hays that we are free. We must take 3 h of visits ...


La Lesse in Belvaux 500 M: bench, leisure area for children

La Lesse à Resteigne 3 km: bank, playground

The caves of Han and the animal park 3 km www.grotte-de-han.be

Han 1900 3 km www.maison-viepaysanne.be

Malagne, Rochefort Arcéoparc 9 km www.malagne.be

The remains of Château Comptal 9 Km www.chateaurochefort.be
- www.valdelesse.be / www.tourisme-marche-nassogne.be / www.tourisme.durbuy.be /
www.hotton-tourisme.be - Walking, cycling, horse riding, car circuit, motorcycle.

Hiking maps and road book

YOU ARE THE OLDEST GPS FORM IN OUR REGION: by bike for the bravest, electric assistance recommended or by car, possibility of restoration on the course.


50 KM FROM 1H30 to ...

Leave the hostel at the bottom of the village, after the bridge turn left and follow this road until the next crossroads.
At this crossing, take the road in front of you and continue straight ahead until you reach the village of Bure. In the entrance of Bure turn left and go up to the church.
At the crossroads, turn left, the road that leads to Grupont always straight ahead.
At the next crossroads, turn right towards St-Hubert.
Follow this road, do not turn left towards the village Awenne, but one km further turn right towards Mirwart. Go to the village and continue straight ahead in the entrance of the village, pass to the right of the church, take to the right and 200m further down, take to the right the direction Vieux Moulin. The road goes down hard, you enter a wood.
Pass under the bridge, continue 100m then turn left direction Smuid. The road climbs hard, turns often, you are in the Mirwart forest, always follow the road in this forest. At its exit, turn right, direction Smuid.
At the crossroads, turn right and follow Transinne direction, you continue this road for +- 4 km. At the crossroads of the Neufchâteau Transinne road: if you want to visit the Euro Space Center, turn left and continue, you are almost there, after the visit back to the crossroads.
Also not turn right and take the direction of Dinant.
At the crossroads of the Barrière de Transinne continue straight ahead and follow the direction of Redu. Turn left and follow Redu.
Possibility to visit all Redu bookstores.
At the church go straight on in the direction of Daverdisse, pass in front of the raspberry grove, further on you see the European Space Research Centre. Turn right and always follow the direction of Daverdisse through the village of Sechery, continue towards Daverdisse in the forests
to the village and continue the road until the crossroads and turn right direction Wellin, the road descends steep, cross the village. The road runs along the Lesse.
At Neupont turn left direction Dinant +- 1 km.
At the first crossroads, at the Hostellerie du Père Finet, turn right towards Chanly. At the next crossroads turn right towards Rochefort. Cross the village of Chanly and continue the road until the next village of Resteigne.
At the church turn left and follow the direction Belvaux, at the bridge of Lesse last possibility of thirst stop then you are back at the Auberge des Pérées.
the inn where you can have a drink too.